Supply voltage 180 – 275 V AC 50-60 Hz
Total wattage per module 20-130 W
Protection class I.
Ingress protection IP 65, protection against mechanical impact IK10
Power factor higher than 0.95
Operating temperature of environment –40 up to +60°C
Luminous flux per module 8 000 lumens (Ra 80, 6000K)
Lifetime L90 according to LM-80 tests minimally 75 000 h

Price and quantity:



Luminary StLED XX (XX letters should be replaced by requested type of optics) is designed primarily for road lighting and ensure efficient and uniform lighting with good color rendering. Luminary has an asymmetrical luminous flux distribution, which is achieved through a unique aspheric silicone lens. High-purity silicon is one of the most resistant plastics, which very low long time degradation due to the influence of the external environment or radiation (including UV radiation). The lens material guarantees high ingress protection (IP65) and high protection against mechanical impact (IK10).

The luminaire is fitted with a powerful COB (Chip on Board) LED light source (Cree CXB2540) with a power of 60 W maximally, which can be set in steps 15-30-45-60 W with corresponding maximal luminous fluxes of 2800-4780-6370-8000 lumen. For higher luminous fluxes or better efficiency, there can be used 2-3 COBs (and silicon optics) on the same heatsink. COB is mounted to the aluminum heat sink in such way whereby its easy exchangeability is secured.

The luminary body is made from extruded aluminum profile with rich ribs, the shape of the profile is finished by CNC milling. All screws and fixture details are made from aluminum or stainless steel to prevent electrochemical corrosion. Cooling ribs are located on the bottom of the housing, protecting them against sludge. This ensures high-efficiency cooling throughout the life of the luminaire. The surface of the heat sink is optimized to achieve under all operating conditions of the LED junction temperature below 80°C. This temperature guarantees the achievement of the declared lifetime of at least 75,000 hours according to LM-80 measurements. Due to the low side profile puts light little wind resistance.

It is ideally suited for demanding applications in places with tougher climatic conditions, such as in coastal or mountainous areas. Low profile is the basis for the use of lights on the railways, where there is a sudden flow of air. The luminaire can be fitted on the shaft or boom diameter 48-80 mm. The basic version is equipped with a fixed lamp mounting. On request, it is possible to equip the lamp mount with tilt options in the range of -30 to + 120 °.

Standard inlet is provided with a cable 0.5 m long equipped with a Wieland connector (ingress protection IP68), its counterpart is a part of the delivery. In this way, the connection of the luminary is extraordinarily simple and does not require the opening of the cover with power supply electronics.

Low weight and low air resistance factor enable using much more subtle poles made of aluminum or fiberglass. Luminary can be fixed also with pendant or ceiling fixtures.
Switching power supply with high efficiency, equipped with active power factor corrector, is designed with the exclusion of electrolytic capacitors. It is an essential condition for the mean lifetime comparable to the lifetime of LED. Elimination of electrolytic capacitors together with oversized cooling extended ambient temperature range at low and high temperatures (to –40° up to +60°C). The power supply can be controlled by DALI, KNX, PLC or wireless just adding a specific module inside power supply housing. The easy configurable wireless control system is suitable for a practically unlimited number of luminaries. We prefer wireless control system comparing PLC (Power line communication) because of restriction of this systems from electricity distributors in last years around Europe.

We provide a 5 years guarantee for luminary without limitation of the burning hours in compliance with conditions of the producer (Cree). It is possible to prolong this guarantee upon agreement for a surcharge.


  • Specific output from 169 lumen/Watt (15W, CRI 80, 6000K) to 123 lumen/Watt (65W, CRI80, 6000K)
  • Electrolytic capacitors free power supply suitable for temperatures from -40 to +60°C
    Cree CXB2540 COB
  • Wireless, PWM, DALI, 0-10V remote control
  • Pole distance/height ratio for ME5 roads up to 5,25
  • Pole distance/height ratio for CE5 roads up to 6,3
  • Pole distance/height ratio for S5 roads up to 7

Technical details

Street Lighting

Supply voltage: 180 – 275 V AC 50-60 Hz
Total wattage per module: 20-130 W
Power factor: higher than 0.95
Maximal luminous flux per module: 8 000 lumens (Ra 80, 6000K)
Protection class: I.
Ingress protection: IP 65, protection against mechanical impact IK10
Operational temperature of environment: –40 up to +60°C
Expected lifetime L90 minimally: 75 000 hours


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